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$49.99 /month

Plan is up to

15 MBPS Download

3 MBPS Upload 




$74.99 /month

Plan is up to

25 MBPS Download

5 MBPS Upload




$124.99 /month

Plan is up to

50 MBPS Download

6 MBPS Upload 

*Special Requirements*

* *Service plan speeds are best effort and may vary by location. Not all service plans are available in all areas.

* * Higher speed packages may be available. Contact Sales for more details

No Data Caps

We offer unlimited data with all of our speeds we have to offer. No data caps and no throttling speeds. Simply unlimited data.


Once installed the equipment is the customers responsibility to help cover cost if anything is damaged, we offer a maintenance plan. 
The maintenance plan covers up to 4 tech visits per year – waiving the service charge fee.
The maintenance plan covers:
  • Antenna
  • Mount
  • Power injector
  • up to 100 feet of wiring
Please call for more details regarding the maintenance plan. 


Installation requires a transceiver (to send and receive Internet transmissions), which is attached to a mounting bracket (generally placed on the highest point of your location), and wiring in your home or business (to provide electricity to the transceiver). A typical* installation costs approximately $150.00, which includes equipment and technician labor. If you have more than one computer and/or a laptop, a wireless router is needed. We do not supply wireless routers but on average routers cost $50.00. (Taxes are not included in these prices)

Wireless Router

A wireless router is required broadcast your internet throughout your home to your wireless devices. Customer is responsible for the purchase and setup of wireless routers. Please inquire about our own managed router’s with our sales department.

Plume HomePass App

  • Country Wireless carries the ADTRAN WiFi 6 managed routers for a monthly fee, these are coupled with the Plume HomePass app. Doing so we are able assist in troubleshooting issues in your home like never before.
  • The HomePass app allows you to easily set up and manage your new WiFi network. This is the world’s first and only self-optimizing home WiFi technology delivering powerful, reliable connectivity in every room, on every device. 

If you would like a managed router please give us a call. 715-389-8584